Lakeside Warriors is a RP site based off of the Warrior series by Erin Hunter.
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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:46 pm

Below are the rules regarding posts within the roleplay world. The rules are organized by section for the ease of viewing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the members on the Staff List. Rules are subject to change and may be changed at any time.

Starting posts to a topic must be at least thirteen to fifteen sentences long, but can be more.
Replying posts to a topic must  be at least ten to thirteen sentences long, but can be more.
✘ All posts must be in third person. (For example, "Kestrelstar walked to the lake." instead of "I walked to the lake.")
✘ All posts must be limited in spelling and grammatically errors. (A misspelling, typo, or grammar error here and there are appropriate and allowed.)
✘ Posts in roleplay areas must have limited OOC talk. If there is OOC talk, it must be accompanied by a roleplay writing. [OOC posts that doesn't contain roleplay writing in roleplay areas will be deleted.]
✘ The fighting, healing, and hunting system is not required (unless required by an admin) but is highly encouraged.
✘ Do not power play (the act of playing someone else's player), god-mod (the act of being invincible), or kill or drastically injure another player's character without their consent before hand. (If a character is 'killed' without the owner's permission, the death is null and the character is still alive.)

All plots containing inter-clan romance, medicine cat romance, murder, or other drastic story lines must be approved by an admin or moderator.
✘ Plots including same-clan romance, kits, border skirmishes, or other common clan activity are not required to have admin approval.

✘ Each member is given five character slots. Extra slots can be bought with an absolute maximum of seven. (The limit may be lowered when more members join or may be excused for special reasons.)
✘ Each member is allowed to hold two higher rank positions at once, but never in the same clan. (The limit may be lowered when more members join or may be excused for special reasons.)
✘ You must check-in your cats monthly in order for them to be seen as 'alive' in the eyes of the site. (If you miss one, message a staff member for your cat to be put back on the list.)

✘ All warriors must be named after acceptable names found in the [url=*]name catalog[/*url].
✘ Only one cat per clan can take a prefix. (This rule can be excused if the first cat with the name is an elder.)
✘ Specialty naming must be approved by an admin.
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Roleplay Rules
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